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Adjunct - Nutraceuticals to Augment existing Medical Treatment 


Herbal Medicine



Health Disparities

Chronic Diseases



We welcome all products - for evaluation , all experiences by customers and value only truth in any form.


Nutritional research is overwhelming, for the average consumer. Our job is to evaluate, test , prove and screen out products with little to no efficacy to isolate the strongest,most effective natural medicines - then consider for  safety by drug-drug/ drug - herbal interaction assessment.

About Histone Nutrition Labs

 We design data driven nutraceutical products based on scientific evaluation using high throughput screenings of natural products -on biological targets- that are validated and compared to reference drugs. 


Our mission is to sift through thousands of nutritional products, to eliminate weak or non-effective compounds - in disease specific biological models - to find the few therapeutic compounds that work. Our moto- keep it safe, find the strongest and combine effective disease modifying elements. 


Nutrition, Ph.D. ,

Pharmaceutics Ph.D. 

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Histone Nutrition Labs, LLC
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